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Hila Laiser Beja  הילה ליזר בג'ה  is a multidisciplinary artist, working in sculpture, installation, painting, drawing, video and etching. Her work deals with the sense of detachment and belonging, while examining recurring motifs of the home, the woman, wondering, private sphere vs. public, personal vs. national and more. Laiser-Beja’s sculptural installations and works on paper often use iron and rust, in order to show the fragility and disappearance of powerful materials and existence, and by that to contemplate about strength, desire, longevity and stability. The artist often uses the form of a grid that becomes tangled, disrupted.

Loosen foundations that hang by themselves, on the verge of collapsing, examine the tension between solid and the ephemeral.


"The house is a recurring motif in Hila Laiser Beja’s artworks. While it is evocative of children’s drawing, the imagery is deceiving and unsettling:  a single and abandoned home, a chaotic array of a cluster of houses, crumbling foundations and rusted facades attest to neglect, destruction and oblivion, and raise the questions: What have we lost? Will we be able to return home? Is rehabilitation a possibility? The house is an allegory of the dream and its rupture, a kind of warning sign of the loss of cultural and creative values."


Dr. Lihi Habas, 2014



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